When We Wake

By: Karen Healey

I knew this was going to be a great book. I was not surprised how much I enjoyed it. It takes place in dystopian Australia (which is refreshing). Tegan, the hippie-ish protagonist, gets killed at a protest and wakes up 100 years later, saved by a cryogenic tank. She literally has to live in the future, and subsequently discovers mass government conspiracies and cult groups out to control her. She even develops a crush and finds friends just as loyal as her old, long-gone ones, and together they incite rebellion. I highly recommend this book; it’s definitely a page-turner.

*Written by Hope Siler

Cherry Money Baby

by: John M. Cusick

I needed a light, “fluff” read to pass the time and I did not find it in this book. I was honestly surprised by how much this book amused me. I couldn’t stop reading it. I wanted to know what happened to Cherry Kerrigan, the novel’s insane blonde heroine with the mouth of a sailor. Her luck seems to swing from incredibly fortunate to exactly the opposite. Neither Cherry nor her circumstances had a middle ground, which was part of how entertaining it was. In all her dealings with the rich and famous that sweep into her tiny Southern town, she never loses her crude sense of humor or refusal to simper for the Hollywood stars that suck her into the fast lane. Romance, parties, betrayal, humor, this book pretty much covers it. As for the ending, I won’t spoil it. 

*Written by Hope Siler

The Diviners

by: Libba Bray

 Libba Bray is always an incredible read, and this time is no exception (I stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing this book). With its intriguing cover and well spun plot, The Diviners is well worth the five hundred or so pages. It provides an ingenious glimpse into New York City into the Roaring Twenties with flappers, parties, historical references, and much more. Each character has a special ability and when strange cult-like murders begin to appear, charismatic Evie and her companions to look to the supernatural. Intense adventure and mystery occurs and any reader will have to keep turning pages. There’s even some romance artfully thrown in; it only enhances the intricate plot, giving each character has a distinct appeal. Don’t pass this book up; it won’t disappoint. 

*Written by Hope Siler


by: Dean Koontz

The endearing golden retriever heroine of The Darkest Evening of the Year (2007) and the real-life golden retriever star of A Big Little Life (2009) acquire a male peer in Koontz’s new novel, an Irish wolfhound named Merlin despite the fact that, unlike his female colleagues, he does nothing magical. He’s also not one of the protagonists, though he’s the faithful friend of four of them: his master, his vet, and two creatures entirely new under the sun, who, adorably child-sized, big-eyed, and furry, seem at first closer akin to him than to humans but turn out to be genetically indistinguishable from Homo sapiens. The pair, dubbed Puzzle and Riddle by Merlin’s people, arrive simultaneously with thousands more pairs of their kind all over the globe—and just in time. For, in Breathless, as in many previous Koontz novels, this old world’s in a helluva fix. But this time, Puzzle, Riddle, and their kin may set things right. At any rate, the creatures’ arrival immediately triggers one outstandingly good development: an angry drunk sobers up and lightens up enough to seek out the parents he’s long been estranged from; en route, he thwarts a heinous criminal. Furthermore, because the newcomers are considerably more than they initially seem, they effect more good, including their own escape from Department of Homeland Security detention. A first-rate first-alien-encounter yarn. --Ray Olson 

*From Booklist

The Fury

By : Alexander Gordon Smith

From the creator of the Escape from Furnace series, a ferocious epic of supernatural terror, perfect for Stephen King fans
Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you, if every person you know, every person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage . . . That’s the horrifying reality for Cal, Brick, and Daisy. Friends, family, even moms and dads, are out to get them. Their world has the Fury. It will not rest until they are dead.
In Alexander Gordon Smith’s adrenaline-fueled saga, Cal and the others must uncover the truth about what is happening before it destroys them all. But survival comes at a cost. In their search for answers, what they discover will launch them into battle with an enemy of unimaginable power. 

*From amazon.com